Nick Morris

Nick Morris

Nick Morris graduated from Monash University (Caulfield Australia) in 1986 with a Diploma in Graphic Design.

He has worked in the Street / Surf / Art subculture since creating clothing label "UMGAWA" in 1990. Morris then worked as art director for Quiksilver before launching his "Anyhow" design company in Torquay. He went on to produce art for Paul Frank, Stussy, Mambo, Mossimo, etc, and was a guest speaker at both the Semi Permanent and AGideas Art and Design conferences.

In 2007, Morris turned his back on commercial work to embrace a career as a full time artist. He has been prolific and devoted ever since. He works with acrylics, collage and screenprints, using images from post-war popular culture, Australiana and his own photographs.

He also collaborates with fellow artist Dave Bowers, under the name Doug Bartlett. Morris has sold out shows around the globe with his solo and collaborative works.
"Morris' and Bowers' canvases indicate that freshness is still possible in a culture exhausted by all sorts of visual bombardment."

- Dr. Claudia Calirman, New York Museum of Fine Art