Paris 2002 Stencil Archive - Kurt Cobain

REF: 16753

Artists - "Pure evil"

Paris 2002 Stencil Archive - Kurt Cobain

REF: 16753

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Stencil Spray Paint on A3 380gsm 30x42cm 100% pure cotton canvas

In 2002 I travel to Paris for the stencil weekend and met up with Blek le rat, Jef Aerosol, Artiste Ouvrier and a bunch of other awesome French stencil dudes and we basically just went round spray-painting stencils on things.

Clearing through my basement I just found the portfolio of stencils from that weekend and so I've been going through them and having fun making some fun canvases.

I hope you like them, it's kind of the archive collection from 2002 when I was into zombie movies and death metal. I will dig up some videos of the weekend we had a blast

  • Height 42 cm / 16 12"
  • Width 30 cm / 12"


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