Ghislaine Chapuis

Ghislaine Chapuis

My paintings are of an astonishing colorful effervescence, they are a hymn to life.

Ghislaine Chapuis now expresses her creativity by painting canvases inspired by the fluid acrylic painting technique.

This very fascinating technique in which she was trained, opened up new creative horizons for her, giving birth to paintings of astonishing colorful effervescence.

This new artistic path follows a long creative journey that Ghislaine Chapuis began by training at the European Center for Research and Training in Glass Arts in Vannes-le-Châtel in France where she learned the technique of "Glass Fusing" which consists of assembling pieces of glass at high temperature.

Perfecting her know-how, the creation of decorative glass pieces gradually led her to create glass paintings and then to imagine paintings in acrylic paint offering the possibility of producing larger formats.