(AKA Julie Touchette)

"Life is always more beautiful when you write your own story"

A young artist from Québec, Zut, never stops pushing her limits. Now, 38 years old, she got the chance to be raised in an artistic family. Encouraged and influenced by her stepfather who was a passionate artist, Zut began to draw and cut her little characters to make puppets. At the beginning of adulthood, she realised that she wanted to live from her art. Waving around her art and grooming, she has exhibited her paintings mostly in cafes for most of here twenties. In 2010, an art gallery approached her and gave her the opportunity to go to NYC and exhibit during Art Expo New York where she had a good success. Full of gratitude from this experience, she continues to exhibit her works in Cafes where a woman fell in love with her art and where a new adventure began...

One painting at the time, the notoriety of Zut has never stop growing over the years. When not painting, you'll find her getting around town on her skateboard full of happiness and passion in her eyes. It's with ambition that she opens her world to the international art scene with Arteria gallery. Zut, an artist to discover.

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