Tzara's artistic work draws on her professional experience working between two very different aesthetics : the realism of photojournalism on the one hand, and the idealism of advertising imagery on the other, combined with a profound curiosity about the perspectives her subjects have on the world. The essential duality of her approach brings together the raw emotion of the internal reality of a person with its ideal, purest expression. For more than 10 years, Tzara has worked to capture the ephemeral moment in which the unconscious takes control, where the individual truth of a human being transcends the impulse to conform, and to capture this moment within an aesthetic
framework that underscores its significance. 

Her work is imbued by her love for all living things, and for the energy and intensity of life. Through her art, she brings her subjects back to the essential moment, and combats society's efforts to suppress our truest instincts. Tzara's artistic work rebels against the emotional and spiritual droughts of our time, investigating subjective relationship between notions of identity, success, performance, and originality at all costs. 

Horses, symbols of freedom, openness to the world, power, and nobility, are presented here in their most essential form. They appear as raw energy, pure power, the unadorned expression of the origins of all-of all creation, of all time, of the world itself. Through the uninflected truth of their eyes, Tzara seeks to provoke human introspection-a voyage into the world of the unconscious, in search of authenticity and internal truth, away from society's influence.

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