Nathalie Boissonnault

My current work takes its inspiration from the crossroads between the imagined and reality where numerous probabilities meet. Fed by profound introspection, the action takes place in the unconscious mind. A convergence develops between my pretences, my doubts, my ideas and my ambitions.
By placing a figure in direct relation with an object or an animal of uncertain function, this playful universe becomes a place of exchange, a metaphorical mirror where the world of ambivalence is reflected. There, power and fragility, lucidity and innocence mix.
Favouring symbolism from the beginning, each work expresses an idea, not immutable, a result of being conscious of the evolution of my own perception. This idea is subjective, since the object is never considered strictly as an object but as a sign perceived by the subject. The image therefore becomes a point of departure, never the point of arrival. Between the strange and the familiar, an internal dialogue is created that sends the viewer back to his or her own fiction, and therefore gives the work a very personal meaning.

Nathalie Boissonnault was born in 1968 in New Richmond on the Gaspé Coast. Attracted to the arts from childhood, she registered for her first painting course at 11 years of age and painted her first canvas.
A graphic artist by training, she nevertheless followed through on her natural penchant for painting and held her first exhibit in 1992. At that time, she was working as a graphic artist and cartographer at the Department of Natural Resources. In 2001 the desire to live fully the freedom offered by painting became stronger and stronger. She then made the giant leap to quit her job and devote all her time to painting.
Nathalie Boissonnault's work has gone through several transformations. Today to a certain extent, she is returning to her roots where she explores a more intimate universe, sometimes surrealist. Introspective, she establishes a dialogue between two realities, emotional and timeless, full of theatricality and poetry. Using powerful symbols, she orients the viewer to her or his own internal dialogue.

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