Melanie Lefebvre

Women, artists. Hidden within art's history, forgotten. Those who made it, and the others, equally important, who didn't.

Because before the 16th century, we find minimal information about them, men taking all the place in art literature. It will have taken them audacity, courage and stubbornness to work in the studio.

Ostracized, creative women stood for their passion loud and strong but were mostly recognized for being rebellious and deviant. How many of them would have the talent to make a living off of their art? A lot.

With my artistic approach, i wanted to leave them all the space they deserved, with honesty and dignity. A portrait accompanied by a life resumé, so that hopefully they are never forgotten.

This body of work is effectively going back in time between the 16th and 21st century, bringing these women back under the spotlight, as an hommage to their existence.

For all women who wrote, and continue writing art's history.

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