Mateo is a Montreal-based street artist whose work on canvas indexes the indelible power of his large-scale urban murals. Originally from France, Mateo travelled extensively in South America after completing his artistic education, and continues to derive inspiration from the continent's cultures as well as cosmopolitanism in general.
Although he does not shy away from evocations of urban poverty and of the anachronistic effects of modernity on indigenous cultures, his works pulse with an awestruck appreciation of the human capacity for joy. Employing a diverse multimedia practice to capture the images, techniques, and physical remnants of his travels, Mateo has executed his passionate vision of urban life all over the world: his outdoor work can be seen in numerous South American locales such as Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay, and Argentina, as well as Canada, France, Spain, and elsewhere in Europe. His canvases offer the opportunity to bring home the sense of exuberance Mateo derives from the places that inspire him.

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