Martine Savard

Narration, re-appropriated signs and symbols, tension between design and painting : I have explored these constants full time for the past 10 years. My pictorial research evolves depending on the direction of a series of paintings expressing my day-to-day concerns. From the landscape to the internal stage, my focus has translated a concern for the environment into signs and symbols . More recently, the imspiration of the enviroment has transformed into a social (« Et pourtant dans le monde il y a... » ) and then a geopolitical focus (« Chroniques géopolitiques ») . A sentence read, a phrase heard, a geopolitical context are all catalysts for suspending in space signs and new symbols, which I combine, organize and adapt by free association and in a random manner on the canvas. These minetic elements focus a unique subject, which cuts across the space of the painting often with an inscription or written phrase.

The tension between the design and the painting manifests itself in the independence of the coloured surface and the line. The painting is produced by applying successive thin layers of colour, with the earlier layers showing through the final layers in place and producing a textured effect. Sometimes these surfaces are independent, and sometimes they assume a shape through the design conour lines. Grace pencils, pastels, soft watercolour lines, oil chalks, lead pencil, insertion of small objects, acrylic paint and glazes define the perceived shape while distancing themselves from it, creating at once defferent levels of reality : the painting exists by itself. The slightly rough and volyntarily inaccurate side of the design makes the line concrete rather than ideal.

My current pictorial refection project focuses on exploration of the presence of the body in the painting and the incorporation of the transcribed phrase, a type of catalyst rather than the juxtaposition of several types of perception. Using large formats and different mediums accentuates the isolated sign that the body translates into new symbols and geopolitica distractions.

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