Marie-Eve Proteau

Les Channels de Mademoiselle

Marie-Eve Proteau works with unconventional materials which abolish the distinction between the pictural and the sculptural. She works with some old retro televisions and gives life back to them by becoming the medium of a representation forever motionless. A painting is inserted within the frame of an old or non-working television of various designs in order to create art works from household objects which in turn can take a brand-new form. Painted and altered, the televisions emerge as a sculptural whole bound with the painting in its heart. Going beyond the limits and entering into a world of images where the unreal, the multiplicity and the perfection blend into a unique canvas gives a new soul to the entire work. A feminine theme prevails in these paintings-objects in the form of surrealist portraits where the emotions are drawn from the complexity of a relationship between two people; expectation, worry, obsession, secret, domination. The translucent textures are in contradiction with some more disturbing allusions. She completed her Bachelor of fine Arts Degree at the Université Laval in Quebec and her paintings were presented in Canada, United States and most recently in Japan.

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