Marie-Ange Daudé

Marie-Ange Daudé is a French artist born in 1967 who lives and works in Gironde in France.
She studied management and urban planning, she lived among architectes and artists and got interested in the creative process. Her ecological preoccupations can be seen in her work, especially in her first works which she created from waste such as glass, cans and boxes.
She made a collection of 68 hearts, between 2012 and 2013, in which she uses a different technique in each one of them, a sort of love and artistic walk. She then decided to offer a new interpretation of old photographs to which she adds surprising material and elements such as staples and feathers. These broken portraits, glued and reconstructed are a sort of personal interpretation of the passing time.
More recently, she has been creating portraits out of feathers: portraits of women, both strong and delicate and nostalgic. The feathers are suspended on nylon wire, which gives the impression that the portraits are floating over the support. 
Her work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

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