Le Fou

Constantin Philippou, born May 21 1972, is a Greek self-taught vegan street artist who goes by the name L3F0u {le fou}, which means "the crazy" in French. Born in Greece, raised in Paris and currently living in Los Angeles, he had the chance to experience and become influenced by different cultures and major artistic works from 500 BCE till the present. L3F0u has been drawing since the age of 4 and made his first sale of a copy of a Dali at his teenage years. He uses a combination of mediums for his artwork including graffiti, acrylic, stencil, 3D printing on canvas, walls or boards of any type.

After discovering the living conditions of animals in factory farms, his main theme has become mixing famous icons with vegan messages through Pop Art. One can see his passion for animals and justice through the direct messages of his work. His mission is showing viewers the current problems of the world, and how by making a small change, such as going vegan, one can help not only the injustices towards animals, but also the environment (drought, methane, …), world hunger and most of all his or her health.

L3F0u work also targets politics and praises humanitarians. He is renowned for his "Vegan Club" street art collection and is a pioneer of taking art to the next level using projectors pointed on large building walls, protesting Trump with his famous "Mickey Trump" and "Russian Trump".

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