Julie Miville

Painting and drawing are the means by which I express the ambiguity and questioning that inhabit me in relation to human nature, to the fate of the human species and to the evolution of Western society. Therefore, when I stand before the canvas or any other material that serves as a canvas, I wonder about my unique identity, but especially about the part of my identity that participates in the human nature, shaped by the contemporary society in which we live in. I also wonder about the existence, distant and hidden, but also immutable. I wonder about the human nature that originates at the moment of the first cry, of the first inspiration, of the light that shines forth for the first time - without concept, without word - the immediacy of the senses. My art is a questioning, a discussion, a bottle at sea - it offers a path, a hand, and, I hope, a moment to feel, to experience and, to be impregnated with the first astonishment.

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