Hugo Cantin

Multimedia artist Hugo Cantin collected old movie reels for years. Scavenging through old bazaars and flea markets, Cantin takes archival footage and brings it back to life. Releasing it from its coil and cutting it into sections, he assembles the pieces together creating a metamorphosis of Yesteryear Cinema, transforming it into contemporary artworks, nested into light boxes.

In his Cinema Grid series, he uses hundreds of digitized film key frames to create new sequences and build psychedelic patterns, attempting to show time on a flat surface. Time is about movement and change, like our experience of reality. The use of layered visuals adds a sense of depth which enhances this experience making his work a living light sculpture.

Cantin's Op Art designs vibrate as you move in front of them, discs are spinning. It's not only the sense of motion but the musical resonance they have in the space, you can almost hear the beats coming out with the light.

Inspired by mid-century art movements and pop culture, Hugo Cantin insists to preserve a genuine vintage vibe by working mainly with found images. Old films, books, slides, photographs and postcards are his source and favorite materials, an infinite playground where he keeps on digging for treasures.

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