Geneviève Dupont - Daigneault

In her multi-media tableaus, Geneviève Dupont-Daigneault considers the relationship between man and territory. Evocative of traditional landscape painting, her works are actually a combination of silk-screening, photographic cropping, and painting, in which a photo or silk-screened image anchors the setting to a "real" place. She uses paint to erase the possibility of a finite reality, expanding its potential to encompass past and future.

Daigneault's poetical, imaginary places convey the transformation and impermanence of environments. Daigneault presents a notion of place as a reflection of passing time, the surface upon which it reveals its impact, the cavern in which it confines its relics and hides its wounds. She appreciates the ability of photography to convey an environment's fragmentary character, as well as the contemporary implication of the camera in technology's undeniable takeover and restructuring of land and psyche. The environment is not static, but virtual. Daigneault sees her creations as documents of a sensitive and invented history, a schema traced back and forth in time. She bows to ghosts and future apparitions both.

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