Cynthia Coulombe Bégin

CCB was born in Miami and grew up in Quebec City, where she earned a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2006. Her understanding of performance helped form her personality and develop her aesthetic, which is intimately tied to the image of the body.

« My creative work is based on the metamorphic interpretation of our internal identity in relation to the image we project. I am particularly interested in the portraits and fragmented corporal shell, which I emphasize through spontaneous movement and vivid colours. My experience with painting has led me to see things differently, to self-discovery and to great astonishment. A movement begins to take shape, from the outside in, resembling a quest for invisible energy and the total union between body and mind.

The notion of performance, the search for identity, and the exposure of the body to an explosive universe are indicative of my desire to cast light on all the beauty and vulnerability of our existence in a single image. I think of my painting in the same way I would stage a performance. I explore the limits of the figurative representation of the body, which I may disguise through spray paint colours, radiance and textures. »

Her works has thus drawn great inspiration over time from the performance arts and de pop culture. It portray specific parts of the human body, especially large close-up portrayals of the mouth and the eyes, depicted with great contrasts of colour and chiaroscuro. The symbols, chosen by the artist, are portrayed within an abstract universe constructed through specific gestures and the process of drippings that create a sense of movement. The images created by Cynthia Coulombe Begin are marked by symbolism and eroticism.

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