Chuck D

Whether we're talking hip hop or politics, Chuck D is a revolutionary. At the forefront of creating the genre of socially conscious, political rap, the legendary frontman of Public Enemy and Prophets of Rage first, however, graduated from New York's Adelphia University with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. His unique access to the worlds of Rock and Hip Hop brings a courtroom sketch aesthetic to a here-to-fore undocumented aspect of pop culture history: the point of view of one who has lived it, firsthand, as a multi-platinum recording artist, a Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and a national treasure.

Evident within these illustrations is a figurative adaptation of the assembled and poly-dimensional work of black Angeleno artists like Noah Purifoy and Senga Nengudi, with a distinctive, compositional sensibility that elicits equal parts Jack Kirby and Francis Bacon. Much of his work is completed while on tour, giving each piece an incomparable vitality, as well as the unparalleled provenance of an instant entertainment artifact. A blazing, scorched memory paradox of being there and not being there; a total recall fueled, ignited and lit by the same passion that drives this undeniable talent in every area of his life.

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