Carolline Auclair

From nature flows Carolline Auclair's inspiration, whose work from painting to performance, is enriched by an ongoing exploration of art media. Nature awakens the artist's creativity and its encounters as well as discoveries enhance her work.

The 'botanical energy' that characterizes artist MarieĀ­Jeanne Musiol's work is one such meeting point crucial to her production. It is materialized in both p oetic herbaria a nd the light boxes. Her p oetic herbaria a re reminiscent of the late period of Riopelle where different objects served as stencils and as the paint is applied on to the support with brush or airbrush would leave traces of what once was. These light boxes, painted in acrylic on plexiglass are lit with LED (light emitting diode). Oscillating between blue, green and red, the result becomes in each tone, a new image, evoking the importance that the artist allocates to the sense of wonder. The created images fluctuate between abstraction and figuration; the artist's personal symbolism is transposed t o the imprints of her p oetic herbaria, or to the superimposed succession of painted layers projected from the light boxes.

In one stroke, as nature impresses upon her, Carolline Auclair leaves her marks through these performances where her onsite installations become the remnant and the photographs which she has captured endure as the only memories.

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