Caroline Bouchard


My taste for creation has always been part of me. When I was young, I never separated from my pencils. After my studies in arts, I went to teaching, by combining my other passions for geography and history. It was ten years later that I came back as an artist, driven by a visceral need.

It was one night, alone in Bangkok, that I decided to make the leap and to revive the artistic flame in me. I have always loved renovation and concrete, so my first company, Créo, was born in this sense, largely inspired by my travels, especially in Asia. I also started painting again. In Bangkok, I had visualized a glossy bright red works in a hotel lobby. A few years later, my first exhibition took place in a hotel with epoxy works, very glossy! Little by little, I abandoned the finishes of artistic concretes and epoxy to concentrate on my works. A few years ago, painting took the first place in my life for a very simple reason: nothing gives me such a state of well-being and happiness as when I paint. This is also what I want to transpose in my works, a state of lightness and light, a part of this happiness, a connection to life. My greatest source of inspiration is travel and the great sense of freedom and openness they provide.

I explore a lot the different mediums and styles because for me, everything is learning and an evolution. I have developed a unique technique with epoxy and colored and metallic pigments, which gives a unique finish, vibrant and bright. My creative process is always based on intuition and feeling. I let myself be carried by the energy and I transmit this energy in colors and movements on canvas. This technique fits perfectly with my artistic approach which is a transposition of the universal energy current. From here also the choice of my subjects that are often organic and connected to nature. I also work with acrylic with the same creative process. My works are characterized by movement, fluidity, light and depth. I have a strong taste for the abstract, because of the freedom that we can feel and the subjective emotion that it creates. Humans and animals also allow me to express emotion, but also the distinctive forces that live in and share them. Also, each work inspires me a text which is connected to it and which describes what we perceive unconsciously in the work. This is what the work has to say.
My artistic career is evolving and in full swing. My works are found in a few galleries in Quebec and have been sent to several countries. I now have my own art gallery in the heart of St-Sauveur, a tourist town in the Laurentians and now participate in international exhibitions. Also, I specialize in creating custom order, which is very stimulating and contributes to my creative development.
Everything started from a dream I dared not dream!

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