Carole Arbic

The notion of landscape is centremost in the artistic practice of Carole Arbic. The artist repeatedly
demonstrates a fascination with the incessant movements that shape the terra firma.

Whether natural or artificial in origin, these constant fluctuations fundamentally influence her process.
Arbic's work explores and probes at this primordial relationship between landscape and movement.
Between construction and deconstruction, fragmentation and assembly, tension and impulse, the
intuitive motus operendus employed by the painter, makes the pictorial surface the arena of multiple
encounters. "With momentum, I tear, I cut, I destroy, like an improvised dance, in order to better
reconstruct and relate the different elements of the puzzle. Emerging from spontaneous or controlled
gesture are lines, drips, splashes and fragments that find their place and their interaction".

In this manner, fabric remnants, corded filaments, solid colour coupled with fragments of drawings,
cohabit on the canvas. At times, their association evokes topographies of a fluvial, or insular nature.... lush
whiskered microcosms floating in celestial galaxies.

One feels that the painter's purpose is to generate environments, to create worlds.

From one work to the next, a play of force, engaged by the pictorial elements, is in action. The colour-light
relationships also have a special value in the artist's compositions. They act like a catalyst, energizing or
pacifying the organization of space in the image.

The resulting abstract landscapes have a playful character. They are, in a way, a call to travel, leading the
eye to contemplate, fly over and wander.

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