Andrée Marcoux

Andrée's art, shows that soul and emotion are always at the forefront, but so is movement, a situation, a pose telling an emotion. '' I care deeply about animals and their well-being. Our planet is losing many species each and every year… When I'm sculpting, I feel I am close to them, that I immortalize them. I wish to raise awareness with a pose, a look, to make them be loved so that they can be more respected. It's my way to honor these sensitive, essential creatures that have so much to teach us.'' Cement is a very interesting material regarding textures. Each sculpture is a unique piece of art. Steel is sometimes a part of it, especially for horses. These are welded on a steel plate distressed with silver nitrate. This way of adding a patina gives the impression that the horses' hooves are in the stone-filled waters of a river.

It is fascinating to see how a sculpture can be so heavy and yet look so light. This medium always surprises me by its versatility and for all the other ways we can use it. Horses are my main source of inspiration. '' Seeing a horse running has always filled me with emotion. All that force and grace at once charms me. Its nobility competes with the greatest of kings, its grace and lightness, with that of birds, the gentleness of its expression, is incomparable...We owe it respect and recognition, without it, the history of humanity would not be what it is. It acted with heart throughout the centuries at the mercy of man's demands, often at worst, despite itself...'' (Andrée Marcoux)

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